Teacher Frau Benita Cantieni
Status bestätigt
Kursort CANTIENICA®-Studio Zürich
Zeitraum 06.05.2020 — 08.11.2020
Ausbildung Level 1 Bronze
Normalpreis (CHF) 6.500,00
Upgradepreis* (CHF) 6.500,00
Reinsitzerpreis** (CHF) 1.250,00
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Pelvic Floor Training,  Power Training
The diploma training level 1 imparts user-related knowledge and a lot of personal experience. The practical application includes pre- and provention, supplementation to therapy, individual and group coaching. The understanding for the vivatomically founded movement principles, perception of three-dimensional movement in one's own body as well as optimization of one's own posture and movement patterns convey sovereignty in professional and personal application. Only what one lives by oneself is well received by the customer. Level 1 is the basis of the method and focuses on the importance of the pelvic floor and diaphragm.

3 months preparation with the manuals (self-study)
5 days intensive seminar 

  • Methodology (pelvic floor training/power program)
  • Didactics (CANTIENICA® Coaching)

6 months practical phase. You can teach immediately after the intensive course.
2 days follow-up course with video tutorial, rework, evaluation of examination documents, Diploma

Further information

*QC Preis/Upgradepreis: Gilt für Instruktoren mit früheren Bausteinen der Level 1 Bronze

**Reinsitzerpreis/Repetiererpreis: Teilnehmer, welche die Ausbildung bereits einmal erfolgreich absolviert haben


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